Instrument Rental Program

King Music Offers A Quality Selection of Music Educator Approved Instruments To Rent Online 24/7.

Our easy application process may be customized to your school's instrumental music program, including the books and accessories that are required and/or recommended by your music teacher.

Introductory Offer:

All instruments - first month $20 (includes *MRP)


King Music Inc is Your One-Stop Music Source for the quality selection of name brand beginner level student band instruments, supplies, music books, and accessories. We have established trusted relationships with most school districts and music teachers built on reliable quality and service. Making Music A Part Of Your Life!


KMI provides only new or like-new name brand instrument models endorsed by professional music educators, repair technicians, and made by highly reputable manufacturers with quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Your child deserves an instrument that will provide play-ability, excellent tone, response, and durability.


KMI’s Rent-To-Own and Rent-To-Rent Programs allow you to make a nominal monthly investment in a high-quality name brand instrument and your payments accrue towards ownership. Monthly payments also provide the time needed to evaluate your child’s dedication to playing an instrument before you purchase.

Pay off the instrument at any time and receive a 30% discount off the remaining principal balance. The sooner you take advantage of this option the more money you save.
Your monthly payment will be on Easy Rental Auto Pay. Monthly payments are electronically deducted from a checking account or major credit card on the payment due date.
You may return the instrument to KMI location at any time and cancel the agreement. However, never allow your child to quit playing before speaking with your music teacher. Your child may be harboring issues which are making them uncomfortable and may be very easy to resolve.
KMI strongly encourages communicating with your music teacher before considering this option. During the Introductory Offer you may exchange to another instrument. Additional paperwork and payment may be required.
Instruments are very delicate and require maintenance to keep them in proper playing condition. KMI’s Maintenance & Repair Plan (MRP) costs $6-8 per month and protects your instrument from accidental damage caused by normal wear and tear. Intentional misuse, and abuse are not covered.



per month / MRP included

  • Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone,
  • Percussion

per month /MRP included

  • Alto Sax



per month /  MRP included

  • Violin, Viola

per month / MRP inlcuded

  • Cello

per month / MRP included

  • Bass

per month/ MRP included

  • Oboe, French Horn, Baritone


per month/ MRP included

Tenor Sax 


Band and Orchestra Rental Instrument FAQ


  • Offers your child a risk-free opportunity. The contract is renewed monthly and ends when you return the instrument.
  • Your child may not be 100% sure about the instrument they have chosen to play, renting gives you the option of making a change if needed or desired.
  • Renting allows you time to evaluate the student’s dedication to playing and developing a solid commitment to daily practice.
  • Rent-to-Own. Monthly payments are applied toward the purchase of the instrument.
  • Rent-to-Rent. Up to 12 monthly payments are applied toward the purchase of an instrument.

Every rental outfit includes an instrument, carrying case, and mouthpiece*. (*except Flute, Oboe, and Percussion.) Teacher Recommended reeds, sticks, music books, music stands, care kits, and other accessories may be added and purchased separately.

Often students want to quit after the first couple of months because they are not seeing the progress that they wanted or were hoping for.

Encourage your child to stick with it for at least the school year.

Playing an instrument takes practice and perseverance. Only a very select few are instant prodigies.

Be Supportive, Patient and Help Your Child Find Ways to Make Practicing Fun!

King Music Is Dedicated To Making Music A Part Of Your Life!